Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Piper Curry Carries Out a Random Act of Kindness

Piper Curry and Warren Police Officer Michael Sharp
Piper Curry, daughter of Byron and Wendy Curry had a special request for her sixth birthday which is Thursday.  Instead of presents, Piper asked that people purchase a bag of dog food which should planned to give to the Warren Animal Shelter and P.A.W.S. (Personal Advocates for the Warren Shelter).  This request came from her heart as a result of her homeschool study of random acts of kindness.  On Wednesday, Piper was able to deliver 10 bags of dogfood as the fruits of her request.
Piper Curry sits atop the bags of dog food she donated as a
random act of kindness.

In addition, Piper has extended her request.  She asks others who can afford it to also purchase a bag of dogfood and noted that if they live out of town she requested that they take a picture of them delivering it to their local animal rescue and post it on facebook. Local donations may be turned into the Warren Animal Shelter, P.A.W.S. or to Hope Place in Warren.

Bradley County Health Fair Set for April 29

It's Raining Puppies

According to the P.A.W.S. (Personal Advocates for the Warren Shelter) it's raining puppies ! Last Monday they took two. Last Tuesday they took 5. Saturday they took in two more and then two more!

Not only are they seeking homes for these puppies, they are also soliciting help with puppy food donations.  If you want a puppy or want to help, call the Animal Control office at the Warren Police Department or you may contact P.A.W.S. via their facebook page.


On Thursday, March 23, Warren Water & Sewer will begin flushing of the water mains through the fire hydrants.  The water may be discolored for a short period of time; should you encounter serious problems, call Warren Water & Sewer.  This procedure is necessary to flush out mineral deposits that have accumulated during winter and minimum usage months.  Flushing annually is necessar to provide the best quality of water.  Your patience and cooperation is appreciated.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Duke University Student Delivers Packs of Hope to Benefit Warren Students

Counselor Johnna McMurry, Katie Taylor and her roommate, and Middle School Counselor Sandy Culp Hollingsworth display the Packs of Hope delivered to Warren Schools.
Katie Taylor, a 2015 graduate of Drew Central High School, delivered Packs of Hope to Warren High School Thursday, March 16.  Katie began the Packs of Hope project in 2011 and had predominately run off donations and fundraising.  However, this year the project received a large boost through Ann Taylor Inc. and their ANNpower Women leadership program.  Katie received a grant to help expand the program.  Twenty-five hygiene packs and 30 school supply packs for Warren High School.

The packs were delivered by Katie (of Drew Central) and her roommate at Duke University to the Counselor's office.  The distribution of the project items will be carried out by the high school and middle school counselors' offices as needs are discovered.

At Duke, Katie is studying mathematics and education.  She says she is loving very second!

Judge Reports Solid Waste Survey Making Progress

During his monthly report to the Bradley County Quorum Court Monday evening, March 20th, County Judge Klay McKinney reported that the survey of residences and businesses in the county in order to update the county's solid waste records, is ongoing and to date 370 locations have been contacted.  The purpose of the survey is to make sure the county is properly billing for garbage pickup.  County employees are physically checking each residence and business within the county that receives solid waste services from the county.  Judge McKinney stated that cases have been found where money is owed and some where money is not owed.  County records indicate that over $87,000.00 of solid waste fees are delinquent.

In other business, the Judge also reported that several old vehicles and assorted equipment and scrap have been sold by the county and the sale has netted the county $26,317.00.  Judge McKinney went on to report that plans are underway to purchase used state police vehicle for the sheriff's office and a grant is being pursued to buy some new bullet proof vest for the office.

The Quorum Court approved the 2015 county audit conducted by the State and approved a revision of the 2016 county budget.  The 2017 budget was also amended.

Eight of the nine JP's were present. The meeting lasted about 30 minutes.

During the public comment portion of the agenda, the judge was asked the status of the regional jail project.  He stated he was invited to a meeting in the Governor's Office on Tuesday, March 21st to talk about the jail.  He indicated he did not know the purpose of the meeting or the current status.

Chamber Executive Board Approves Change Orders

The Executive Committee of the Bradley County Chamber of Commerce met Tuesday evening to consider five change orders to the construction contract for the railroad depot.  The renovation project was originally bid and came in $38,485.00 under budget.  The Chamber is required by the State of Arkansas to spend the entire grant by the end of May or lose the balance remaining.  The committee approved five change orders to expand the work on the project that will utilize the $38,485.00.  All the work will be completed by the end of May, 2017.  Local funds in the amount of $29,801.00 are included in the overall project.  The Executive Committee was informed that another grant request for approximately $100,000.00 has been submitted for the project.  Gary Clements of Clements and Associates Architecture and Mayor Bryan Martin were present to explain the continuation of the project.

The change orders include:
     *an upgrade in the type shingles to be placed on the roof,
     *additional work on the trusses,
     *roof decking, and
     *two of the five involved additional work on the outside of the office building. 

Community Action Board Continues Training/Questions Future

After a brief time of continuing training provided by the State of Arkansas Department of Human Services, the Southeast Arkansas Community Action Board conducted their monthly business.

Early in the meeting, Chairman Al Dixon asked the state officials on hand what the impact might be on the agency if the congress adopts the budget recently proposed by the President.  He was told it could be serious but the state believes it is better prepared than in the past to show the benefits of the programs being operated such as Head Start.  Mrs. Beverly Buchanan with the state indicated that cuts have been proposed in the past but she is hopeful that evidence is available that will demonstrate the good the various programs provide.  She said the budget is intact until September, 2017.

The board approved the past minutes and current financial report.  Committee reports were called for.  The Chairman urged all committees to meet and deal with matters as required.

The board then approved the 2017 Assurance Work Plan after discussing and agreeing to update  a job title to clarify job duties.  Additional job duties were included.

The matter of providing information requested under the "freedom of information act" was reported on.  The director stated all the information would be available for copying by April 28, 2017.  She indicated it was a lot of information and has taken some time to locate and make ready.

Board member Angela Meeks question the spending of money for a new computer system that was mandated by the state.  She thought the board should have approved the expenditure, even though it was mandated.  Mrs. Buchanan told the board that adoption of the technical plan by the board was sufficient.  There was considerable debate.  The board then voted to approve the purchase even though the agency has already paid part of the expense.  Chairman Dixon indicated things should be done correctly but he believes the board understood the purchase would be made by the executive director and the approval of the plan authorized the purchase.

Darryl Johnson addressed the board and asked for the minutes to prove the board had approved the technical plan.  He continued to lodge complaints about board actions and whether or not he is required to come in and make copies of items he has requested under the FOIA or if the agency is simply required to make the copies and send them to him.  He was told the files would be available and he could review and make copies.  He will be required to pay for the copies.

The board then moved into executive session.  A further report will be provided on any action taken by the board after the executive session.  It has been unofficially reported that a staff member submitted a resignation. was unable to get confirmation Tuesday afternoon, but will secure the facts and report the results.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Smoke Detectors for Jersey Fire District

Saturday, March 18, Jersey Rural Firefighters gathered at their fire department to coordinate the delivery and installation of smoke detectors for members of the Jersey Fire Service District. Community members with the greatest need were targeted by this project. Monies for this project were awarded to JRFD through a community safety grant.

Community Meeting Announcement

Attention: Monday, March 27 at 6:30 PM, Jersey Rural Fire Department will hold a community meeting at Moro Bay State Park Conference Room to discuss the placement of a Sub Station near the park facilities and the more populated area of  Moro Bay. Jersey Rural Fire Department continually searches for more efficient ways to deliver fire services to its fire district. Firefighting statistics prove "Seconds mean lives and less property damage". For additional information call 870-466-7380.

New Interim Superintendent of Human Development Center

Mark Wargo

Mark Wargo has been named the Interim Director of the Southeast Arkansas Human Development Center located in Warren.  Mr. Wargo, who lives in Warren, has worked for the Southeast Center in the past, having served as Special Treatment Director from 2003-2008, Resident Director form 2008-2011 and Psychological Examiner from 2014-2017.  He served as Assistant Superintendent for the Booneville HDC from 2011-2014.  He has been a licensed psychological examiner since 1999 and has held a nursing home administrator license since 2008. Mr. Wargo served in the United States Army form 1999 to 2003.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Mississippi State and a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology, also from Mississippi State.  He grew up in Kelso, Arkansas.

According to Mr. Wargo, the Southeast Arkansas Human Development Center currently serves 95 clients.  It is licensed to handle 100.  Of those served, 80% have a co-occurring psychiatric illness and 27 have autism spectrum disorder.  Work is ongoing to train those clients who can function sufficiently.  The Kohler company works a number of those served and the clients operate a paper product recycling  center on campus.  In May and June approximately 15 - National Civilian Community Corps workers will spend 13 days on campus helping to develop sustainable community gardens, which will employ many of the residents.

Plans are underway to expand the Volunteer Council and to conduct Lunch and Learn sessions for members of the community.  Training is an ongoing priority.

Currently the Center in Warren employs 230 staff positions. Jobs are available and should be looked into by contacting the Center.  The governor and  legislature have recently enacted ACT 365 to update the state employee compensation plan to enhance the ability of the Centers to recruit and retain high quality employees.

The primary purpose of the Southeast Arkansas Human Development Center is to care for and help the most vulnerable citizens of our state.  They do very good job for the clients and their families.  The Center also helps promote a strong economy in Warren, Bradley County and the surrounding area of Southeast Arkansas.

Human Development Parents' Association Formed

Loretta Alexander and Jim Palmer
Family, friends and interested persons, who support the Southeast Arkansas Human Development Center meet at the facility in Warren, Saturday, March 18th and officially formed the SEAHDC Parents' Association.  Bylaws were adopted and the following persons were elected as officers:
Clydine Davis-President
Karen Nelson-Vice President
Terri Callaway-Secretary
A number of family members of residents of the Center and other interested individuals were on hand to support the Southeast Human Development Center.

The speaker for the event was State Representative Jeff Wardlaw (R) Hermitage.  He talked about efforts to keep the Human Development Centers out of managed care and some salary increases for employees.
Clydine Davis

Also on hand were members of the statewide Family/Friends of Care Facilit Roberty Residents board, Loretta Alexander of Lake Village and R. Gregg Reep of Warren.  Mr. Reep briefly informed those present that there are people and organizations on the state and federal level who would eliminate Human Development Centers in order to cut spending or to direct funds to private and nonprofit organizations.  Mr. Reep stated that some private/nonprofits do good work, but they cannot take the place of Human Development Centers or care adequately for the clients served by the Centers.

The SEAHDC Parents' Association will serve as an advocate for the Center in Warren and support the HDC's statewide. 

UAM Sets Summer/Fall 2017 Preregistration for April 3-14

       MONTICELLO, AR — The University of Arkansas at Monticello will hold preregistration for the 2017 summer terms as well as the fall semester on April 3-14, according to Dr. Peggy Doss, vice chancellor for academic affairs.
        Students who have completed at least 60 hours and are classified as seniors and juniors may register on Monday, April 3 and Tuesday, April 4. Open registration for all currently enrolled students will be held April 5-7 and April10-14. Students registering at UAM's Colleges of Technology in Crossett and McGehee may register at any time during the April 3-14 window.
Transfer students, students who have been re-admitted to the university and first-time freshmen planning to take classes on the UAM campus may register for summer classes in the Office of Admissions in Harris Hall on April 5-14 from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., according to Tawana Greene, executive director of admissions and enrollment management. Only students who have applied for admission and received mail notification may preregister during this timeframe.
            UAM will also hold registration for fall 2017 classes August 21-25. For more information, current UAM students may contact the Office of Academic Affairs at (870) 460-1033, and new students may contact the Office of Admissions at (800) 844-1826 or (870) 460-1026.

March Chamber Meeting Has No Quorum

Several members of the Bradley County Chamber of Commerce Board meet at El Rancito's March 20th but could not conduct any official business due to the lack of a quorum.  The previous minutes were handed out and several reports were presented.

Chamber President Joel Tolefree handed out tickets for the Chamber Annual Banquet to be conducted March, 30th at Immanuel Baptist Church.  He asked each board member to try to sell five tickets.  the event will begin at 6:00 P.M. with the guest speaker being Rep. Mark McElroy from Desha County.

The public is cordially invited to purchase a ticket.  They may be bought by contacting the Chamber of Commerce office, located in the Municipal Building or call 870-226-5225. 

Arrest Report: March 20, 2017

The following are innocent until proven guilty:

Ruperto Rodriguez, 1100 S. Martin, Lot 12, Warren, AR., age 38, charged with DWI, Driving on suspended license, driving left of center, fictitiou tags (3-13-17)

Mandy Reddin, 330 S. Hyatt St., Monticello, AR., age 26, charged with possession of controlled substance (3-14-17)

Robert Bradley, 511 Bond St., Warren, AR., age 57, charged with driving on suspended license (3-15-17)

Tonya Payne, 3820 S. Olive, Pine Bluff, AR., age 46, arrested on warrant (2-15-17)

Megan Compton, 1231 Pennington Rd., Warren, AR., age 28, arrested on warrant (3-15-17)

Scott Clanton, 304 S. Myrtle, Warren, AR., age 53, charged with battery 1st (3-15-17)

James Phelps, 205 Womble St., Warren, AR., age 27, arrested on warrant (3-15-17)

Celesta F. Darrough, 298 Bradley 44 Rd., age 26, arrested on warrant from Dallas County (3-16=17)

Matthew Reap, 607 Redoak Acres, Redfiled, AR., age 30, charged with possession of instrument of crime (3-30-17)

Jonathon Herring, 4015 Whitefield, Little Rock, AR., age 48, cjarged with driving on suspended license and possession of controlled substance -marijuana (3-18-17)

Marlon McKay, 901 York St., Warren, AR., age 31, charged with no driver's license and public intoxication (3-19-17)

Garrn Curry, 25 Cloverhill Dr., , Warren, AR., age51, charged with possession of meth or cocaine Lt. 2 grams (3-19-17)

Dustin Burns, 1423 W. Pine St., Warren, AR., age 24, charged with failure to comply, arrested on warrant (3-19-17)

Christian Estrada, 358 Bradley 24, Rd., Warren, AR., age 24, charged with driving on suspended license (3-19-17)

Odario Moseley, 511 Boyd St., Warren, AR., age 28, arrested on warrant (3-19-17) 

Arkansas Gives Day Can Help the Library

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Free Training For Truck Drivers

The Arkansas Workforce Center office, located inside the Old National Guard Armory Building in Warren at 101 South Martin Street is accepting applications for CDL truck driver training.  Qualified applicants will receive free funding and can complete training in as little as three weeks.

Interested persons should visit the Warren office.  It is open every Tuesday from 10:00 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. being closed from 12:00-12:30 P.M. for lunch.  For more information, please call 870-224-7075.

Jobs are available!

Spring Break Activities at Moro Bay State Park

‘Moro Bay State Park will be having activities every day for families to enjoy during Spring Break! We will be doing a Guided Kayak Tour on Sunday March 19th and Friday March 24th at 2:00pm – 4:00pm and a Kid’s Birding Workshop on Monday March 20th at 1:00pm – 4:00pm as well as many other fun filled ways for families to enjoy YOUR Arkansas State Park. For more information, please contact the park at 870-463-8555 and speak to Corbin Merriott.”

Friday, March 17, 2017

This Week in the House: Rep. Wardlaw

We are now in the final weeks of the legislative session.  Committees and House floor proceedings have been meeting for extended hours the last several days to hear as many bills as possible before we adjourn.
This week, the House moved forward legislation impacting education funding, juvenile sentencing, tax deductions and even speed limits.
The House passed HB1729 which sets the funding for our public schools.  This bill increases the funding from $6,584/per student to $6,713/per student for the next school year.

The House also passed legislation allowing teachers to take a tax deduction for out of pocket expenses for the classroom.  HB1014 allows teachers to take a $250 deduction on state taxes if he or she pays for classroom materials, including books, school supplies and even food or clothing for his or her students.
This week, we also passed legislation which abolishes life sentences without parole for anyone under the age of 18.
SB294 would allow parole to be considered for a juvenile, tried as an adult, after serving 20 years for a non-homicidal offense, 25 years for a first degree murder conviction, and after serving 30 years for capital murder.

Maxwell Hardwood Flooring Celebrates 25 Years

A crowd gathered to celebrate 25 years of operation for Maxwell Hardwood Flooring and its sister companies.
A large crowd gathered on the campus of the University of Arkansas at Monticello Thursday, March 16th to celebrate the 25th year of operations for Maxwell Hardwood Flooring and the company's sister corporations located in Monticello and Warren.  Members of the company's staff, customers,
Tommy Maxwell addresses the crowd.
lumber producers, financial institutions and business and community leaders form throughout the region were on hand to enjoy a meal, watch a presentation on the company's operations and to express appreciation for Maxwell's contributions to the area and the 250 jobs they provide in Warren and Monticello combined.

Wil Maxwell, President of Maxwell Hardwood Flooring gave the welcome and made opening remarks.  He talked about the sacrifice it takes to make a business successful.  After lunch and a slide presentation, Dave Dickson, President of Union Bank and Trust Company, read a speech sent by Sam Walls, Retired CEO of Arkansas Capital Corporation.  Mr. Walls was scheduled to speak but was unable to attend due to sickness in his family.  He congratulated Maxwell and talked about the importance of what the Maxwell family has accomplished.

Tommy Maxwell addressed the crowd and thanked everyone for attending.  He expressed his gratitude to all Maxwell employees, customers and from whom the company purchases lumber.  He especially thanked Zach McClendon for the support of Union Bank and mentioned what he learned years earlier from the late Sykes Harris of Warren. Mr. Maxwell stated that the company
Left to Right:  Tony Owen, Dave Dickson, Wil Maxwell, Tommy Maxwell, Kristi Prince, and Dustin Prince
produces close to 100,000 feet of flooring per day and that the key to success are the employees who work in the manufacturing plants.  He thanked his staff and his family for their hard work.  Among those he mentioned were:
Wil Maxwell welcomes the guests.
Darrell Orrell, Sales Manager
Kristi Prince, CFO
Wil Maxwell, President
Dustin Prince, Inventory/Safety
Rose Mary Cummings, Marketing
Mr. Maxwell thanked other present and former employees and his wife for their hard work and success.  He also thanked UAM for allowing the company to use university facilities.

Maxwell Hardwood Flooring runs plants in Monticello and operates Ouachita Hardwood Flooring and Townsend Flooring, Inc. in Warren.

Hub of Hope Human Trafficking Assembly Held at WHS

Jennifer Sorey (left) along with GFWC members, and WHS Counselor Johnna McMurry
The student body of Warren High School attended an assembly focused on the issue of human trafficking. The assembly was presented by NWA Hub of Hope (Healing and Opportunity for victims and Prevention and Education for the community) Jennifer Sorey.

During the assembly, students and the adults attending learned that in the world there are currently 450 people enslaved.  Many of these are victims of human trafficking.  The tactics used by the trafficking rings and individuals were explained to the audience.  Ms. Sorey also pointed out the signs to watch for to avoid, detect, and help report suspected trafficking.

The attendees also learned that 46% of those being illegally bound into work either as farm workers or prostitution know their people who entrap them into this form of slavery.

The program was brought to the school by the GFWC Warren Woman's Club.  A number of their members were present at the assembly.

At the conclusion of the assembly, Principal Bryan Cornish told the students and his staff that he receives a lot of requests from people wanting to bring assemblies.  When this request was made, he felt it was so important that he agreed to invite the Hub of Hope to make their presentation.

Throughout the assembly, the student body were very attentive.

(Hub of Hope has a facebook page.)

State Capitol Week in Review From Senator Eddie Cheatham

March 17, 2017
LITTLE ROCK – The legislature has passed and sent to the governor a “campus carry” measure that was amended numerous times and applies to many more areas than college campuses.
As originally introduced, House Bill 1249 would have allowed faculty and staff at state colleges and universities to carry a concealed firearm on campus, as long as they already had a concealed carry permit.
That was the version that the House passed by a vote of 71-to-22. It was sent to the Senate, where seven amendments to the bill were considered and five amendments were adopted. After amending it, the Senate passed it on a vote of 18-to-9.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Warren Firemen Called to Cook Street

Warren Fire Fighters were called to 407 Cook Street Wednesday afternoon around 5:45 P.M. to combat a house fire.  The structure was vacant but belongs to James and Margo Tenner.  Two fire engines and 16 firemen responded and put the fire out.  There were no injuries.

A fire department spokesman indicated that while the house was vacant, the utilities were turned on.  An investigation into the cause of the fire is underway.  

Eagle Lake Crossroads Baptist to Host Revival

Eagle Lake Crossroads Baptist Church will be holding revival services Sunday, March 19 through Wednesday, March 22.  The Sunday morning service will begin at 10:00 a.m.  The evening services will begin each night at 7:00 p.m.

The messages will be brought by Brother Jim Moss of Texas.

Eagle Lake Crossroads is located on Highway 160 E (going towards Johnsville).

Arrest Made In Altercation

Warren Police were recently summoned to 304 S. Martin Street to a business located at that address, to investigate an altercation that resulted in one person being  cut in the face.  The call came in around 3:08 P.M. Wednesday, March 15th.  Arrested was Scott Clanton, age 53 of Bradley County.  The person injured was Quinn Simmons.  Mr. Simmons went  to Bradley County Medical Center for treatment.

Mr. Clanton has been charged with battery, first degree, and is in jail pending a first appearance and probable cause hearing.  The investigation is ongoing.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

El Dorado High School Choir Performs for Warren Rotary

Rotarian Linda Barrett invited the El Dorado High School Choir directed by Greg Oden to come sing several songs to the Warren Rotary Club during their regular weekly meeting Tuesday, March 14, 2017 which was held in the Fellowship Hall of First United Methodist Church.

Southeast Intermodal Authority Meeting

Six members of the Southeast Arkansas Intermodal Authority Board, just enough to make a Quorum, meet March 15th in the conference room of the Bradley County Economic Development Commission.  The board approved the minutes of the February meeting and the current financial report.  The meeting lasted less than an hour in duration.

Bob Milton, bookkeeper for the Authority reported that Drew County has sent $40,000.00 to the organization.  He also reported that he went back to 2008 and recalculated the amounts being listed as owed by the four local governments that created the Authority and found that some past credits were not counted.  Based on the new calculations, the new numbers are as follows:
City of Monticello-$30,294.54
City of Warren-$41,944.35
Drew County-$40,740.22,  It should be noted that Drew County just paid $40,000.00.  That leaves their balance at $40,740.22.
Bradley County-$150,612.77
According to Mr. Milton, Monticello has stated they will be paying $35,000.00 in 2017 and Warren has budgeted $30,000.00 for the year.

What is ArkansasGives?

Arkansans have a heart for giving. On April 6, 2017, let’s join together to grow the love for our state’s nonprofit organizations. Between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., we’re challenging all Arkansans to give to the Donald W. Reynolds YMCA of Warren & Bradley County.

Bonus Dollars Help You Give More
During this one-day event, each donation you give will help the Donald W. Reynolds YMCA of Warren & Bradley County qualify for additional bonus dollars from Arkansas Community Foundation. All participating nonprofits will receive a portion of a pool of bonus dollars provided by Arkansas Community Foundation; the more the Donald W. Reynolds YMCA of Warren & Bradley County raises, the more of the bonus dollars it will receive.

Grow the Love
Dozens of Arkansas charities will participate, and you can choose to give to the causes that mean the most to you. Imagine the impact of our entire state giving together! ArkansasGives is one day, one easy way to make your charitable dollars stretch farther and shower your favorite nonprofits with support. Good things are happening in Arkansas, and you can help the good grow!

Do you care about the Y & its mission? The YMCA is in a strategic position in Warren & Bradley County to meet the needs of children, adults, and families. YOU CAN HELP US MEET THOSE NEEDS! Choose to give $25 on April 6th by going online at from 8am to 8pm. #arkansasgives

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hermitage Board Votes to Sell Parent Center

By a unanimous vote, the Hermitage School board has agreed to sell the Parent Center, that was originally donated to the school district, for $25,000.00 to Sullivan Construction.  It was the highest of two bids received after the facility was publicly advertised.  The board also voted to accept an insurance claim on the building.  The sale to Sullivan is for the building in its present condition.
This action was taken during the March 13th board meeting.

In other action the members approved the financial report and voted to pay the monthly bills. Reports were given by Mistie McGhee, Devin McDiarmid, Jade Huitt and Superintendent Dr. Tucker.  Several new policies were adopted and the most current state audit was approved.  The board then voted to authorize going out to bids for stripping and waxing the floors when school is out.

After meeting in executive session, the board voted to take the following actions:
accepted the resignations of
-Faye Ozment as elementary teacher
-Gwen Huitt asG/T teacher
-Pam Newton as cook
-Lori McDougald as Sr. HIgh Cheer Sponsor

Funding Lacking For Home Program

For the past several years the Warren Housing Authority has taken advantage of a program managed by the Arkansas Development Finance Authority to help low income residents build new homes and in some cases repair older homes.  The program is funded buy the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.  All recipients must meet low income standards and must own their existing home.  In most cases the beneficiaries are the elderly.  Old dilapidated, unsafe and unhealthy structures have been torn down and new energy efficient houses have been constructed.  The owners contribute to the cost and the neighborhood is enhanced.  The residents are better off and the city is better off.

The Warren Housing Authority and its Executive Director Mike Jolley are one of only a handful of agencies eligible to administer the program statewide.  Not only has the program been helpful to upgrading the standard of living of the home owners, but it has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars of business to local contractors and building supply retailers.  It has generated sales tax money for the City of Warren.  The program helps people and is a major economic development tool.

Warren Mayor Bryan Martin is encouraging the Arkansas Congressional delegation to support continued funding of the program.  The Warren Housing Authority has a number of applicants on the list for assistance.  Because of the ability of the Warren Housing Authority to operate the program, Warren contractors and suppliers have secured business from other communities in Arkansas, thus generating more tax dollars for the city.